Know the Interface

Go to, and log in using your school infonet account user name and password.  On the home page, you will find general school announcements, calendar, and a list of your active and enrolled courses for the term.

Login Page
Course Page


Customize your profile by clicking on your name on the upper right corner of the page. Put your picture in, and other personal information you’d like to share with the rest of the community.

Access Courses

To access a specific course, look to “Select a Course” on the upper left or to “My Courses” on the right side panel and click the name of the course you want to access.


To view your course syllabus, lecture materials, exams, submission folders, links, and various other resources, look to the navigation bar and click on CONTENT. 

The Table of Contents on the left panel displays a menu of modules where your instructor has organized the course content. Click on each module to see the topics, resources, and activities within. A progress bar appears within each module to mark how much of the coursework you have done.


Upload PDFs, Microsoft Office files, Jpegs, CAD, or any other file type your instructors may require and submit via Dropbox.


Upload PDFs, Microsoft Office files, Jpegs, CAD, or any other file type your instructors may require and submit via Dropbox.

View Progress

Want to know if you’re doing well or not? You don’t have to wait until grades consultation, when it’s already too late to do anything about it. Regularly keep track of your own class performance using these Brightspace tools.


Want to know how many tardies and absences you have had? No problem. Click on USER and ATTENDANCE to view your attendance record.


No need to wait for the next class meeting to see your activity scores, or for your final course grades to appear on the SIS. A complete and detailed record of your grades can be viewed on your Brightspace course. Just go to the Navigation Bar’s ASSESSMENT, and click on GRADES. Oh, and only you and your teacher get to see your scores. Isn’t that great?


Receiving criticism has never been so exciting! You can read your teacher’s comments and suggestions on your work, OR you can listen to your teacher address you directly via audio- or video-recorded feedback, complete with a detailed set of rubrics, if the activity requires it.

Take Exams

Exams don’t just have to be on paper anymore. You can now use your mobile device in class to take tests, and see your score immediately upon submitting. You may even have more than one attempt at any given exam – or be given practice tests – should your teacher allow it.



Ever wished discussions in class could be as interactive as they are on social media? Well, now they can be.


Exchange ideas, have a healthy debate, or indulge in vibrant discussions with your classmates and instructor on relevant topics outside of the four walls of your classroom. You can post text comments, as well as share videos, and/or images as you participate, as well as “like” and “follow” posts, just as you do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Need to decide on something as a class? The Survey tool will make sure your ballot gets cast and counted, and that your voice is heard loud and clear.


Stay updated and connected to what’s new and what’s next in your course.


No need to ask your classmates about what you’ve missed or forgotten. Automatically receive notifications on deadlines, due dates, submission requirements, and every relevant event in your course through Calendar. This feature syncs perfectly with your mobile Pulse app to send notifications directly to your smart phone


Get real-time announcements and reminders from your instructor without having to stalk them on social media or constantly check your email. News also syncs beautifully with Pulse, so you get the freshest news and announcements from your teacher hot off the presses – wherever you are in the world!


Have you ever submitted a requirement that somehow got “lost” or got mismarked as “late”? Never again! Receipt emails are sent to your Benilde mail account every time you make submissions online. Your teacher can also directly email you through Brightspace, and vice versa.

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