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We will take you through the key features of the BigSky Benilde, as well as show you a few basic moves that will help you on your journey to Borderless Benildean Education


the ability to connect with your students in real-time outside of the classroom without having to rely on social media. 

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.. having access to the world’s knowledge as you perform tasks.

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.. learning taking place more in the real world and less within the four walls of the classroom.

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Why BigSky?

BigSky Benilde: From vision to reality

In 2015 Br. Dennis Magbanua instituted Strategic Initiative 13 with the thrust of overseeing the development, deployment, and implementation of Virtual Learning Spaces.


Over the past year the combined hearts and minds of the CIRC, LRC, CIC, ITD, CLPA and Registrar’s Office have been hard at work to bring Benildean Education into a new, more innovative, more inclusive age. 


With a vision to take teaching and learning into the future by leveraging on the potential of empowerment technologies – coupled with a unified mission to develop and implement a pedagogically-driven integrated learning platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by anyone – came the birth of a Borderless Benildean Education (BBE) philosophy.


Brightspace is a versatile, future-focused cloud-based Integrated Learning Platform that the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde has adapted to give you access to learning anytime, anywhere.


What's in it for me?


Engage in active learning even while at the beach!

Not only can you take exams and submit requirements online, but you can also interact with your peers, track your personal progress, and receive feedback and assessment scores – all in real time.


No more costly photocopying or sharing of possibly contaminated files.

Download course materials straight into your laptop – or into your tablet using Binder – and enjoy access to all your course materials even when offline.


Stay up-to-date and connected to your class accounts through your smart phone even when you’re on the go.
With Pulse, you can receive real-time announcements, reminders, notifications, and calendar updates, so you can stay ahead of the game even at your busiest time of the term, from anywhere you are in the world.

BigSky Benilde Basics

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